Empire Group’s largest investor-partner, “Project Galileo LP” (in formation) (“PGLP”), has put a multibillion-dollar superfund under our exclusive management, divided into 12 separate industry-specific funds (the “12 Funds of Project Galileo” or the “Funds”). Empire Group has been in the planning stages of “Project Galileo” for PGLP for the past nine years, and we are now ready to launch this humanitarian project, to benefit three separate countries as an economic recovery program.

The Consortium’s macroeconomic goal is to utilize our ample budget to fully implement Project Galileo as a “Financial Engine™” to first re-engineer, then drive, the future economies of our three “Target Countries”, including the development of “Cities of Science” in free zones located within each respective Nation. We will utilize our three Cities of Science in free zones located within each respective Nation. We will utilize our three Cities of Science, each anchored firmly in a highly strategic geographical location (the Black Sea Coast of Georgia, the Caribbean Region, and the Philippines), as key regional expansion hubs to stimulate the entire economic infrastructure of each Host Nation, and of its neighbors within each respective Region. Our achievable goal is to put in place the foundation, and architecture, for 100% economic stability and prosperity for each Target Country, generating substantial employment opportunities for its Citizens, while entirely eliminating poverty for millions of Georgians, Haitians, and Filipinos, within a 7-year period.

11 of the 12 Funds of Project Galileo will be capitalized with €7.5 billion EUR(each), and the 12th Fund, known as the “City of Science Fund”, will be mandated to construct the three planned Cities of Science, and will be capitalized with a total of €50 billion EUR.

The 12 Funds will be matched with one or more of the “15 Foundations of Project Galileo” (also referred to herein as the “Foundations”); The Foundations will be developed primarily to benefit the Populations and Environments of the initial three Target Countries, but will also be supporting more universal causes, and will be active throughout the World. Each Foundation will be permanently paired with one of the Funds, serving as its in-house sustainable Financial Engine™, and these binary organizations will be sharing office space within the same Branch Office or Regional Headquarters of Empire Group where their parent Fund is located, so that each unified pair of Funds/Foundations can closely support one another. Each Fund will be donating 10% of its net pre-tax revenues, in perpetuity, to its “Partner-Foundation”. The City of Science Fund (the largest single Fund), with one of its Fund Management Divisions established in each Target Country, will uniquely be supporting four Foundations: (i) The University of the City of Science Foundation (Georgia); (ii) The Innovation Exchange Foundation (Georgia) (this NPO will be mandated to found junior stock exchanges within each City of Science, starting with the Republic of Georgia); (iii) The Education & Literacy Foundation (Haiti); and (iv) the Clean Water & Sanitation Foundation (Philippines).