Welcome to the Global Business Culture and Partnership of Empire Group.

We invite large private and governmental organizations who are seeking to enhance their portfolio value to join us as client-partners to facilitate the financing of their strategic, economic, and humanitarian projects. We recommend, as a first step to forming a relationship with our organization, arranging an appointment with an authorized member of our management team at any of our global office locations. Next, with the mutual agreement of the parties, an Empire Group Partnership is formed. Empire Group will provide direct management of financing operations, corporate structuring and governance, turn-key project management, and access to new technologies that are owned or controlled by our Group of Companies. Empire Group has also created a family of investment funds, and strategic regional economic recovery projects, which are available privately as partnership opportunities with Empire Group strictly via client request. We are also pleased to offer intelligent asset growth and financing solutions for countries, municipalities, charitable foundations, multinational corporations, and high-net-worth families and individuals.